One autumn Sunday after lunch
The family left to have a walk.
Into the wood the trio ventured
With coats, umbrella and their dog.

The day was foggy, dark and gloomy.
Milla would rather stay at home.
But as she knew it would feel lonely,
She joined her parents on the roam.

Inspired by a walk in Highgate Wood in London, I created a story in the form of a poem about a ten-year old girl who gets lost in a wood and goes in search of not only the path back but also courage and independence. Whilst wandering in the wood, she encounters various quirky creatures, camouflaged in trees and bushes, and invisible to the eyes of passers-by, who inspire her to question her beliefs, fears and dreams, and give her advice – sometimes in a fairly direct way, sometimes in enigmatic riddles. Written in rhyme, the book is on one hand an adventure story which can appeal to children aged seven to twelve. At the same time, it is a philosophical poem about self-searching which can easily be read by teenagers and adults. I am very fond of children’s authors who are able to touch adult readers, and writers such as Tove Jansson and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry have certainly provided inspiration in the process of creating the story.

It’s rather strange what people think
Despite no insight to our heart.
They always know what’s best for us;
How we should play a certain part.

“This wilderness awaits your tread,
So walk and do not be afraid.
Sometimes it helps to get off-track
And find a way with no-one’s aid.”

Milla in the Misty Woods is a 1600 word story, accompanied by twenty A4 size illustrations and approximately thirty-three smaller drawings and illustrations. I wrote the text, created the artwork, and designed the cover and layout of the book. I am currently looking for a publisher so if you are interested in publishing the book or would simply like to find out more, please get in touch.