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Malwina Chabocka – Art & Design

A collection of posts and essays from my blog covering art history, exhibition reviews, film & animation, graphic design, advice for artists and philosophical musings. For articles on painting background, theory and techniques, please visit my other blog.

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  1. California Dreamin' and American ways. Travel musings in 10 chapters - Part II
  2. California Dreamin' and American ways. Travel musings in 10 chapters - Part I
  3. One year in the Netherlands
  4. Punk in a cardie
  5. Slowly typed words on 5G & time pressure
  6. The golden ball of courage
  7. If the world is ending in 30 years
  8. The Imperfect Notebook (or my first "Meditations")
  9. What Type of Artist Are You? Non-quiz
  10. One year in Portugal
  11. Lisboetas (Part I): Fascinating Female Artists from Lisbon
  12. A Studio of One's Own
  13. Animated music videos for when you need a good cry
  14. The Problem with Photoshop, CGI and Insta-Lies
  15. No sugar and all spice. Be the fearless & feisty 5-year old you once were.
  16. Home: Dream, nightmare & utopia
  17. The Fall of the House of Usher cover design
  18. Women, love, relationships in selected animations
  19. Waiting for the marshmallows: on patience & delayed gratification
  20. Cats, ravens & madmen. Edgar Allan Poe in animation.
  21. Blissful uncoolness & comfortable solitude. A weekend in Berlin.
  22. Dark strangelands in music videos
  23. Neons. On preserving the endangered type.
  24. Women, art & obscurity. Seers, Knights, Lassnig.
  25. Art meets facts. Animation in documentary films
  26. Retro dreams in retro animation
  27. Against the tide. Element Talks conference afterthoughts
  28. 3 logos I like: Geek Girls Carrots, Moderat, Jadłonomia
  29. The art & science of kissing
  30. Game & graphic wonders of Alice in Wonderland exhibition
  31. Lot in Sodom cover design
  32. 3 logos I like: Krayewski, Mariage Frères, Disconnect
  33. Polish poster just after the war
  34. The remarkable effects of praise & criticism
  35. "Direction Courtesy" campaign ads
  36. Women in Chanel N°5 film ads
  37. New website & the icon challenge
  38. Faith, delusions & Woody Allen
  39. Left, right and wrong: political labels & biases
  40. The art of competing and losing in Settlers of Catan & everyday life
  41. Unlikely homes: Jing Jin City & Miracle Village
  42. Beautiful obsession of 4 Indie Game Designers
  43. In search of La Dolce Vita: Breaking with the nine-to-five
  44. Black Dogs, Storms & Rhapsodies
  45. Jean Paul Gaultier & different kinds of beauty
  46. Man and Machine
  47. Making colours & "noncolours"
  48. Creative DNA: Deconstruction/Reconstruction
  49. Sex fantasies in comics
  50. Dear Modern Diary. E-journals & life-logging.
  51. The Good Fight
  52. Avant-garde animation from artist/composer duos
  53. Is the grass greener across the English Channel?
  54. A Paean to Green
  55. Recharging in the comfort zone
  56. Painting with scissors: Matisse at the Tate
  57. Storytelling in life, art & business
  58. Imperfections in art & wabi-sabi
  59. Nine warriors of art who conquered their age
  60. Facebook: no space for failure
  61. Ruin Lust or Ruin Lost Opportunity
  62. Solitude, routine & art
  63. Show & Tell [Part #2]
  64. The art of collage: paper & scissors rock!
  65. Artwives: Eva Švankmajerová, Dorothea Tanning & Lee Krasner
  66. Strange Little Girls
  67. Me, Myself & I. Self-portraits.
  68. Show & Tell [Part #1]
  69. Magic in the gutter. A few words on comics and sequential art.
  70. In awe of flesh & bone
  71. Beauty & terror
  72. The Art of Tidying Up
  73. Feline fetishists
  74. Departing from a safe zone
  75. The love & hate of portraits in Vienna 1900
  76. The art of storyboarding
  77. What I like in animation
  78. Painting sex & pleasure in Japan and beyond
  79. Overheads Under Your Heel
  80. Edward Gorey & Other Daring Gor(e)y Stories
  81. USP: Unnecessarily Strained Procedure?
  82. Who is an artist?