A portrait is a lot more than just a painting of a face to be hung on a wall. It contains emotions and a mystery that lies between the portrayed face and its perception by the artist. It allows a moment in time to last for generations.

A portrait is forever.

In my family house, the most representative wall used to be taken by the family portraits. Most of them came from my grandfather’s brush, a very skilled artist who would paint his closest relatives with all his heart. The significant absence of present day family representations has been successfully filled by Malwina Chabocka. The portrait of my wife has an aura highly visible to those who know her. Needless to say, a portrait with no aura is merely an enlarged ID photo. I have had the opportunity to see other portraits painted by Malwina Chabocka and I am glad to see the similarities in terms of the technique. The young artist has already developed her style and is recognisable. (Krzysztof Rzepecki)

The portrait painted by Malwina Chabocka has been hung in the centre of my apartment. It enables me to feel the presence of the person portrayed, that is my late husband. The artist has wonderfully captured not only the physical resemblance but also his character, personality, his unique gaze and smile. The portrait gives me a great deal of pleasure and delights all other people who see it. (Ewa Kotońska)

I work both from life and photographs – ideally I combine the two. There is a first meeting of approximately two hours during which I get to meet the sitter, discuss the initial ideas, do some sketches and take photographs. If the sitter is available, I may ask him to come for one or two sittings from life as the portrait nears completion. I paint in oils, pastels, crayons, watercolours, pen and mixed media. The price depends on the size, technique and type of portrait so please contact me for more specific information.