Between rage and reason, trapped in carnal prison

The Carnality series is about passion – but one held on a leash of the reason. I am interested in the relations between a logical, calculating mind over a body pulsating with life – the body, which in the feminist era has gained a right to experience pleasure and thus demands its needs to be satisfied. I started asking myself questions – what happens, if this body, moisturised, smoothed and sleek by various advertised products, is not experiencing sensual pleasures? Does it not start to resemble those perfectly smooth shop mannequins, does it not start to lose its sensitivity, become stiff? At the same time, I thought about the bodies of women who fence themselves off with a curtain of habits. I started wondering about the cost of such sacrifice and how long it takes before the body stops rebelling against it. And is it even possible? Moving on, I started thinking about enclosed nuns – those who are not only hidden behind the habit but also behind the cast iron of bars. If one is to assume that the religious martyrdom is a form of voluntary submission to violence in the name of faith, then this double confinement – in the celibacy and the enclosed monastery – is a type of masochism. The pleasure of getting close to God would then compensate the pain of the imprisonment. Doesn’t a masochist feel the same, putting a harness on his head or locking himself up in a dungeon? Like a religious martyr, he experiences  the ecstasy of surpassing the fear and the resistance of body, and submitting to a greater force – sexual fulfilment.