This is a collection of all my short posts, longer posts and essays. Some of the recent ones have their Polish translations.

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  1. All spice & zero sugar. Be the feisty 5-year old you once were.
  2. Homes: Dreams, nightmares & utopias
  3. The Fall of the House of Usher cover design
  4. Women, love, relationships in selected animations
  5. Waiting for the marshmallows: on patience & delayed gratification
  6. Cats, ravens & madmen. Edgar Allan Poe in animation.
  7. Blissful uncoolness & comfortable solitude. A weekend in Berlin.
  8. Dark strangelands in music videos
  9. Neons. On preserving the endangered type.
  10. Women, art & obscurity. Seers, Knights, Lassnig.
  11. Art meets facts. Animation in documentary films
  12. Retro dreams in retro animation
  13. Against the tide. Element Talks conference afterthoughts
  14. 3 logos I like: Geek Girls Carrots, Moderat, Jadłonomia
  15. The art & science of kissing
  16. Game & graphic wonders of Alice in Wonderland exhibition
  17. Lot in Sodom cover design
  18. 3 logos I like: Krayewski, Mariage Frères, Disconnect
  19. Polish poster just after the war
  20. On praise and criticism
  21. "Direction Courtesy" campaign ads
  22. Women in Chanel N°5 film ads
  23. New website & the icon challenge
  24. Faith, delusions & Woody Allen
  25. Left, right and wrong: political labels & biases
  26. The art of competing and losing in Settlers of Catan & everyday life
  27. Unlikely homes: Jing Jin City & Miracle Village
  28. Beautiful obsession of Indie Game Designers
  29. In search of La Dolce Vita: Breaking with the nine-to-five
  30. Black Dogs, Storms & Rhapsodies
  31. Jean Paul Gaultier & different kinds of beauty
  32. Man and Machine
  33. Making colours & "noncolours"
  34. Creative DNA: Deconstruction/Reconstruction
  35. Sex fantasies in comics
  36. Dear Modern Diary. E-journals & life-logging.
  37. The Good Fight
  38. Avant-garde animation from artist/composer duos
  39. Is the grass greener across the English Channel?
  40. A Paean to Green
  41. Recharging in the comfort zone
  42. Painting with scissors: Matisse at the Tate
  43. Storytelling in life, art & business
  44. Imperfections in art & wabi-sabi
  45. Nine warriors of art who conquered their age
  46. Facebook: no space for failure
  47. Ruin Lust or Ruin Lost Opportunity
  48. Solitude, routine & art
  49. Show & Tell [Part #2]
  50. The art of collage: paper & scissors rock!
  51. Artwives: Eva Švankmajerová, Dorothea Tanning & Lee Krasner
  52. Strange Little Girls
  53. Me, Myself & I. Self-portraits.
  54. Show & Tell [Part #1]
  55. Magic in the gutter. A few words on comics and sequential art.
  56. In awe of flesh & bone
  57. Beauty & terror
  58. The Art of Tidying Up
  59. Feline fetishists
  60. Departing from a safe zone
  61. The love & hate of portraits in Vienna 1900
  62. The art of storyboarding
  63. What I like in animation
  64. Sex and pleasure in Japan and beyond
  65. Overheads Under Your Heel
  66. Gor(e)y Stories
  67. USP: Unnecessarily Strained Procedure?
  68. Who is an artist?