A few words about me

I am a Polish-born graphic designer with an arty soul and geeky brain. I work as a motion designer / compositing artist for Badi Badi, an award-winning post-production studio, and do a variety of design work for clients around the world. The latter happens at my cosy Warsaw studio which I share with Batman and Mr Pickles, two dedicates feline assistants.

I studied performance design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (BA 2008) and scenography at Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts (MA 2011) and before I decided to pursue graphic design full time, I worked for a few years across performance design and art direction. The experience of storyboarding and telling stories through images led me to motion design and animation. After Effects is my number one favourite piece of software because it enables me to combine traditional drawing with digital graphics and flex my nerdy side of brain working out mathematical expressions and JavaScript-based code. I am classically trained, i.e. so can easily draw by hand and use oil paints, but I’m fully immersed in the digital world. I spend a hell of a lot of time on programmers’ forums, love reading about and testing new software and apps, and sometimes dabble with code. (Yes, I do like code. This is why I develop websites). Interests are broad and eclectic, and include electronic music, films, graphic novels, self-hacking, yoga, paleo & low-GI cooking. I write about them here and here.

What I do

graphic design
motion design
2D animation
compositing & VFX
art direction
web design

I’m not a corporate designer, and approach every project with the creativity and open-mindedness of an artist. I avoid locking myself in a certain format and I experiment with all sorts of tools, styles, shapes and directions. This attitude is largely thanks to a very broad art and design experience which shaped my sensitivity and imagination, and taught me how to tell visual stories. I am a perfectionist so everything is polished to the very last detail, and I am always available to discuss anything before, during and after the project. I work remotely so wherever in the world you are based, I’ll be happy to create something unique for you.