Everybody’s like, “choose one thing and do it well”, and I say “Fuck that,  you know. I wanna try everything I can. I wanna take this painting idea and see if I can do a puppet version of it. I wanna take the cartooning and turn it into a film set. I wanna take the set and turn it back into a painting”.

– Wayne White

I’m a multidisciplinary artist with roots in performance design, which I studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. The studies fired my imagination and yearning for independent expression in multiple forms and dimensions. Instead of looking for labels for what I do, I look for interesting projects and interesting people. I read as much history of art as comic books, and work with as diverse tools as oil paints,  crayons, marker pens, polysterene, and various computer gear. I have designed an opera at Shakespeare’s Globe, devised and art-directed site-specific performances in London, developed two children’s books, created graphics for short films, and worked at Badi Badi, an award-winning animation studio in Warsaw (here‘s my showreel).

I believe it is the combination of these unique experiences that have shaped my artistic language, and their diversity feeds directly into my painting and writing.

Most days, I get my hands dirty in front of the easel, but sometimes I have a craving to turn my images into a book or put them in motion. When that happens, I change my paint-stained apron for clean clothes and sit at the computer to make an animation, an art form I was brought to through the experience of storyboarding for theatre. Working in After Effects means that I can combine traditional drawing with digital graphics and flex my nerdy side of brain working out mathematical expressions and JavaScript-based code.

As a careful observer of life and people, and a somewhat neurotic philosopher-wannabe, I do a lot of writing. Inspired by Anais Nin, I started writing a journal at the age of 14 and by now have  accumulated several volumes of books, in printed and digital format. For the past 4 years, I’ve also been writing a blog, and developing stories for children and adults. The latest book/painting project is The Hour of the King.


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